Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Frozen lemon slices

When there is a sale on lemons, I buy a bunch and use what I need.  Sometimes it simply costs less to buy an entire bag of them rather than two for three dollars.  However, I wouldn't use them up before they'd start to go bad.  I read somewhere (maybe the Tightwad Gazette) that you can freeze sliced lemon or lime.

So I tried it and I was hooked. What I don't use I slice up and place into freezer bags, and freeze them.    (I cut off the ends of the lemons, save them in a separate freezer bag for potpourri, slice the lemons in half length-wise and then slice the halves in 1/4 inch pieces.)  If I wanted to be very conscientious, I would spread them out in one layer onto a cookie sheet and freeze them that way first. However, I can pry them apart pretty easily and don't mind two or three slices in my drink.

I use them either with ice or as a replacement for ice with what I'm drinking. I especially like a few iced lemon slices in water or in a mixture of cranberry juice and soda water (frozen lime slices work well, too).  Now that it's summer and the mint is going gangbusters, I add a few mint leaves to my drinks as well.


  1. This sounds soooo good. Even with our a/c going full blast it's having a hard time coping with the summer heatwave.

  2. I never would have thought to a) freeze lemon slices, or b) use the ends for potpourri! What a great idea! And using the lemon slices to chill a drink wouldn't dilute it like ice will when it melts. This is a definite must-do this summer (if we ever get summer here in the pacific northwest).

  3. That's a great idea. When I found 15 lbs of lemons, all in the bags, when I was dumpster diving, I went to the trouble to squeeze and freeze the juice. Your way sounds soooo much easier. In this weather (100 here) more frozen anything in a glass of anything is necessary and welcome.