Saturday, February 25, 2017

What to do when a minority of voters brings a fascist to power in your country

Reach across the aisle and debate your humanity with them. Whatever you do, don't say the word racist as it's probably going to be considered a human rights violation to say it within earshot of a white person. Even if it's something like "Trump proposed some awful and racist policies and has white supremacists on his team."

Pray for Bowling Green.

Pray for Sweden.

Remember that it's economic anxiety when a white man shoots a bunch of people from India and screams at them to "get out of my country,", or someone spray paints "N****r" on the garage door of an interracial couple, or a Jewish cemetery is vandalized, or only Muslims are extremely vetted in coming in here (and this includes American citizens who are Muslim). It's economic anxiety when people say they wish genocide and concentration camps on people in your ethnic group.

Remember the silver lining. Even if the people who are part of it might be barred from coming into the country.

Praise free speech but define it as "Everyone owes me a platform but anyone I disagree with must be harassed into silence."

Show up to a march. Wear a snazzy hat. Get accused of rioting and dressing up as a vagina. Ask the person who accused you of this if they've ever actually seen a vagina or a riot.

Uncritically post and tweet memes that push the lie that there were Irish slaves, because nothing says "You should take me seriously" as posting white supremacist lies.

Learn Russian. Apparently we're on our way to being a satellite of that country now.

Undermine those who are not as properly radical or socialist as you, because you know, it's certainly worked before.

If you are socialist, forget about everything that has happened since 1991 and declare any criticism of Russia or any questions about their interference in our election to be red-baiting.

Praise leaks if they drag the woman. Decry them if they hurt Trump, even if you are ostensibly against Trump. I'm looking at you, Julian Assange, rapist elf cowering in the Ecuadorean embassy.

Call your Senators and Representatives and urge them to block every single thing this far-right administration wants to push.

Tell those people who are not as properly revolutionary as you that all this whining about Black people being murdered with impunity is divisive, and that what we really need to do is focus on the white working class (who overwhelmingly voted for Hillary, but whatever, identity politics is so stupid, amirite).

Don't bother with facts. The people across the aisle don't care about the facts.

Push your state Senators and state Representatives as well. Get involved in local politics if you can. Stay informed and stay abreast of everything.

Give him a chance! Maybe this will be the redemptive arc his character needs in his reality TV show.

Remind everyone that Hillary was just as bad, if not worse, WORSE and that you, for one, are looking forward to the glorious revolution this will spawn.

If you are from Russia (like Masha Gessen), or if you've studied and written about authoritarian regimes (like Sarah Kendzior), write good thinkpieces. Maybe consider consulting. Try not to get too frustrated that exactly no one is listening to you.

Play Pussy Riot at top volume every day.

Remind people that this has played out in other countries before and that we are not immune.

Show up to your Senator's and Representative's town halls and make your voice heard. If they are very conservative, they won't listen and they will probably say that you're being paid to show up and protest.

Which reminds me--cash those sweet Soros checks! (I guess mine's in the mail.) Use it to build an underground bunker and become a pinko prepper.

If you write this blog, consider changing the name to the Pinko Prepper.

Stay on your Senators and Representatives, even if they are ostensibly liberal or even, dare I say it, left-wing. Sometimes even the most revolutionary dude will promise to work with a fascist, praise the white working class and in doing so further marginalize the people of color he has targeted in his campaign.

Donate money to Planned Parenthood because they are going to need it.

Try not to roll your eyes too hard at the people who voted for him and are now surprised he's doing exactly what he said he'd do.

Try not to spit at the people who are angry that he's not moving faster with what he said he'd do.

Remember that our institutions won't save us. Our institutions are only as good as the people in power who will respect them. Right now, the majority of Congress has a vested interest in not respecting our institutions.

Stop hoping that the Republicans will impeach Trump. First, they won't since they're getting what they want. Second, if they do, Pence will be in the Oval Office. He's a hateful trashfire who has done real harm to people in his state.

Remember--if you live on the East Coast or West Coast, if you live in or near a city, if you are a person of color or a woman (especially a woman of color) or LBGT or marginalized in some way, you are one of the elite! Not one of us are working class. Not one of us are unemployed or underemployed (see the bit about the sweet sweet Soros checks). Not one of us are struggling financially. That's why we didn't vote for a fascist, you see.

Roll your eyes at people who are angry about the latest thing he's done and tell them they are being uncritical sheeple and that really, it's obvious that this latest thing is a diversion from the real issue. Because people angry about being targeted are totally irrational and are missing the big picture amirite?

Plant a garden. Read a book about something silly and funny and hopeful. Take a walk outside.

Remember that this is a marathon, not a sprint.

Stop thinking that it can't happen here. It already has.