Monday, June 13, 2016

Garden news

So, I tried some new things this year, and as per usual, have had some hits and some misses.

First, I planted spinach, mustard greens, and arugula. They did quite well but started to flower fairly soon (it was still cool outside and I was all OMG ARE YOU KIDDING ME). Fear not, I managed to eat them all. Mustard is great sauted. Arugula is quite nice with scrambled eggs or thrown in with pasta. Spinach is also good that way, put into smoothies, or made into a pesto.

I planted poppy seeds in a space that my neighbor tilled for me. Nothing came up. Despairing, I bought some flowers to plant today and I saw some seedling. Huh. What to do?? I'm still thinking on it. I could leave that half alone and plant the flowers in the other half of the space.

I planted peas. Fun fact: You should plant them densely and trellis them early. Don't be a lazy jerk like yours truly.

I planted turnips. They're a little crowded, but I like them a little small since they're tender. Also, I'm pulling the greens and eating them (also quite tasty as a side with scrambled eggs. Yes, I've been eating a lot of eggs lately).

I planted beet seeds and they are doing. . .eh. Not great. I may have to put some beans in there instead.

I have planted beans in other parts of the garden. That's a pretty good all purpose, "What do I plant when the other stuff has gone by and I want to replenish the soil" plant. These are string beans. They are also known in my lexicon as "snacking as I work in the garden beans" since they do not make it back to the house.

I planted--or my neighbor planted--chard and collards. The chard's doing well, the collards are a little slow but doing okay. Time will tell.

My garlic keeps coming back, so yay?

Of course I planted tomatoes and hot peppers. I got a couple of heirloom tomatoes from my neighbor, and my father gave me early girl seedlings. I'm not bothering with romas since let's face it, I'm not going to make sauce this summer. Last summer was pretty crazy and I ate every tomato as soon as it was ripe (romas were made into instant quick sauce, so. . .)

I moved my rhubarb plant to my raised bed and it's not going gangbusters. The plants I had in my old community garden plot at my old job are taking over the earth. These? They're small. Maybe it needs to be fed. We'll see.

My New Zealand Spinach came back so if you ever want to plant that, keep in mind that you will have it forever. I don't mind as I like it.

My neighbor--who I will call Garden Dude from now on--gave me a raspberry plant (which I will keep in a large planter because HOLY HELL THOSE THINGS ARE INVASIVE), a couple of currant plants, a blueberry plant, and a strawberry plant. Garden Dude has chickens and gave me some slightly composted straw from the coop to mulch with. So far the plants like it.

I also have a makeshift bin for my grass clippings made from metal posts and chicken wire.

And because I am a realist, I rejoined my CSA. The farmer is a wiseacre. His note about this week's share was: "A bag of leaves. You pay money to join our CSA and you get a bag of leaves."

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