Friday, November 14, 2014

I'll bring you some summer at the end of the fall

Mainly because holy hells I am to tired to write full sentences right now.

These are my garden beds. There are four of 'em--that's right, four of them. I planted tomatoes (roma, early girl, and grape), mallabar spinach, eggplant, carrots, rooted parsley, beets, chard, summer squash, zucchini, butternut squash, beans, nasturtiums, an assortment of herbs, hot peppers, a couple of sweet peppers and cucumbers. . .and I think that was it? I've eaten most of them. I cooked and froze the tomatoes (I didn't get enough in at once to make canning worthwhile) and froze the rest whole (which is handy). The carrots have done well, which shocked me for some reason. The squash (winter and summer) was a big old fail, as were the cukes. And I had weeds, lots of purslane, but it's edible so I decided to act like I meant to grow it. 

I paid a carpenter friend to make the beds (I got the smaller wooden planters from a nearby hardware store). He lined the top with mahogany (I have to apply some oil to it this weekend, come to think of it). I have the Rolls Royce of garden beds. I think these beds are worth more than my house.

Last month I planted garlic, kale and arugula seedlings, and spinach seeds (which are doing okay as it's still unnaturally warm out). I still have some carrots left but they will be gone this weekend as they are delicious. I planted walking onions right next to the house and they are annexing the rest of the yard. (Well, not quite, but they did quite well.) 

Oh! I also planted sunflowers. Here's one of them when it was warm and sunny and it was tall and healthy. 

The bees seemed to like them.

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