Monday, June 9, 2014

Well! I have been busy.

Seriously, I have not meant to leave this blog fallow for so long. I keep doing this and then making promises that I'll be back and I kind of feel foolish at this point.

My days have been long. I'm not complaining--heck, I have days, and they are spent with me at a job. But they are long and I haven't had it in me to write anything, though lord knows I keep thinking of things to write about. So I'm going to make the extra effort as I enjoy blogging.

As I have mentioned before, my days start early so I do have to have a system set up. I recently found out what happens when, for whatever reason, I don't stick with that system. Here's the spoiler: Nothing good.

First, if I'm up later than planned, I'm groggy and cranky and not at my best the next day. I forget my lunch and/or breakfast. I work later than usual because I don't work as quickly, which means I get home later, which means I get to sleep later. . .you see where this is going, right?

And if my weekends are busy, my lunches and breakfasts don't get made. Which is not a good thing--then I end up spending money on meals that I don't even like that much, so I find myself broke and unsatisfied that week.

I've mainly been doing well, but sometimes I do slip up. Or things just get very busy. So I'm trying to now make a lot of food (more than usual) on a free weekend and freeze it. And I'm trying to get my laundry done more quickly, and some of it done during the week (though since I'm in bed not that much longer after I get home, it tends to be a weekend chore).

However, enough about that. I have things to talk about this week. My commute and the glorious bus. (Not being sarcastic there, actually.) My garden beds and what I've planted. My new neighbors. My neighbors' dogs. My life is exciting! HA.