Monday, July 8, 2013

Gardening, Independence Day, Swimming and Pow Wows.

I spent the morning of Independence Day mowing the lawn and mulching my large garden plot in the community garden.  I know most people hate mowing, and I am not that fond of it myself, but I do love the grass clippings.  They make for good mulch.  I also gather seaweed when I can, but it's hit or miss when there is enough to take (or when the tide is out when you have time to take seaweed).  What does it say about me that I look at something for its mulch-producing potential?

Right now, there are beans and beats ready for harvesting.  The chard is going well and I take leaves from each plant to eat.  The garlic and shallots will be ready for harvesting soon.  My butternut squash plants appear to have overwhelmed my cucumber plant (and refused to go up the trellis I set up for them).  The eggplants are spotty and bug eaten; I am not optimistic they will produce anything but an eyesore.  The herbs are doing very well and the rhubarb is going gangbusters, as usual. The tomato plants are getting bigger and the walking onions are doing very well.  The leeks are doing okay, but this is my first time growing them, so we shall see.  The peppers are a bit spindly--fingers crossed, they'll start getting bigger now that the sun is showing itself more.  (It was very cloudy and rainy up until Wednesday night.)

My house garden is doing. . .okay.  I don't think it gets the light that's needed for the plants.  The mint and chocolate mint I planted in pots and the oregano I planted in the plot are all doing well.

Other stuff I did. . .

I had dinner with my friend and her parents; we went to see the local fireworks after, but it was cloudy and they weren't that visible.  My friend and I biked back to her parents' house, in the dark, which made me feel like a kid again.

I spent Saturday with friends who came up for the week; we went swimming and ate a lot.  I am very good at eating; if it was an Olympic sport I'd have the gold.  They have three sons who were a lot of fun to hang out with. 

I spend yesterday at the Mashpee Wampanoag Pow Wow with another friend of mine who's not from the U.S. and who's never been to a pow wow.  If you can go to one, I highly recommend it.  They feature dancing from various tribes (sometimes with competitions), they have stalls where people sell crafts, and chances for people from different tribes (and non-Native people) to socialize.   I hadn't been to one in ages.  We ate quail (delicious) and watched the dancers.  While I was there, I met someone who started a new business not far from where I live (and where I used to live) called Native Times Coffee.  She doesn't have a website up yet, but their address is 510 Plymouth Street, Middleboro, MA 02346.  You can also email Rita (Pocknett) Gonsalves at if you are interested in getting fair trade coffee or learning more about the company.  When she sets up a website, I'll link to it.  The coffee is delicious.  She is a member of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe, and she sources her coffee beans from Native American farmers in South America. 

I hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. The community garden sounds great :) I'm part of a group that's trying to get one going at my uni, but they don't like the idea of us disrupting the landscaping.

    The Pow Wow sound like a lot of fun :)