Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I have not been kidnapped by aliens or anything like that

House-hunting has just been an interesting process.  I'll write more on it later.  Depending on how things go over the next two weeks, I may have to rethink a few things. 

Gah, I sound so mysterious, don't I?

OK.  Here are other snippets that have kept me away from the interwebs:

1) I cut my hair into a bob, which I'm wont to do periodically.  I actually love this cut, it suits me best, but after a few years I get sick of it and let it grow. 

2) Yard work.  Lots of mowing.  When it hasn't been raining, that is.  This is turning out to be a cool and rainy summer.

3) A Song of Ice and Fire.  I'm reading the series.  I'm on the third book. It's coming off as a bit of a bromance.  It's interesting, but a bit jolting after reading about knights and maidens and courtly intrigue and honor and dishonor to come across the word "butt."

4) I have several friends who keep bees.  One of them had a hive that swarmed, so another friend came over to help her get the swarm into a new hive.  Beekeeping is one of those things that I'm happy to let other people do.  I'll help extract the honey, and I'll enjoy the product, but the bees make me nervous!  One of my friends hives produced over sixty pounds of honey in one year, which was great, but the bees were the surliest creatures ever.

5) My rhubarb is going gangbusters.

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