Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday links

This text message war over a wedding gift has etiquette don'ts on both sides.  Two tips: Graciously accept any gift you give (weddings are not for making money, and not everyone can afford expensive gifts or will hit the mark on the gifts you want).  Also, if someone acts like a rude jackass, don't lecture them about etiquette and insult them and call them names (and call their marriage a sham marriage--that is really not okay).  Roll your eyes and count yourself lucky you saw their true colors early on.

Phelan has a friend who needs some help

Can someone tell me the point of outdoor kitchens?  If you have one inside, wouldn't you just use that, and bring the food out to your patio or porch?

Happy Birthday to Economies of Kale! It's the winter solstice where she is.

Mix your own house paint.

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  1. Pamela,
    I have a post about MMpaints, Phelan's friend on my blog.

    The reason for outdoor kitchens: some people entertain lots, they live where there is not a lot of rain, they are hoity toity.

    Carrying stuff outside is a pain in the neck. The kitchen outdoors has a refrigerator, everything for setting a table. So, the walking and carrying would be much less.

    I have a little red wagon that carries all the table cloths and dishes for large yard parties because I cannot afford to have plumbing, electricity and gas run to what is essential a room without a roof and walls.

    My lp grill rolls around the side yard where the picnic table, tables, benches and swing are located.

    Even if I had the money, I would not spend it on an outdoor kitchen. Some preppers have an outdoor kitchen that is a little primitive and under cover so they can cook when the shtf. I still have my grill with wheels, plus I could build a fire.

    I wonder if the wedding guest was making fun of a sugar habit or had extra sweets to unload. The bride was absolutely wrong to say anything. I wonder if these people were good friends before the wedding. I think there is a backstory to this melodrama.

  2. We have plans for a very large outdoor kitchen. First it is cooler for me to can outside, than inside. My house heats up too fast. Second, I love cooking on wood flames. I bake in them, have a spit, smoke, grill and griddle. It gives me a lot more room.

    Thanks for mentioning mmpaints. I am sure she appreciates the love.

    1. That's a good point about the canning. I do think I'd enjoy having a wood-fired oven outside!

  3. Thanks for the shout-out Pamela :)