Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday blogaround

Well, here's to the weekend!

We'll start it with some cool links.  But first, a word from the search terms that brought people here (cut and pasted from my stats page).  As you can see, the Stepford Wives are still quite popular, as is line-drying clothes:

the stepford wives book analysis
clothesline images
stepford wives book summary
Amy dacyczyn
close line rack
png hot women sexy*
stepford wives

* Um, I'm afraid you did not get what you were looking for.

Let's get started, shall we?

Awesome life hacks. Wow.

Learn about passive solar homes.  My dream home would be a straw-bale house with passive solar design (and actual solar panels).  With a large vegetable garden in the back. I do think it's a good reminder that there is more to solar than the panels we associate with it; in my old condo, my bedroom got hot during the winter because the sun shone right into the window. (Not that I ever complained about that!)

Life on Pig Row has been using the Dig for Victory pamphlets from WWII.  It's an interesting history lesson, and I do agree that lawns can be great food producers.

Frugal in Derbyshire continues the trend in her roundup, talking about some of the cookbooks she has, including the Victory Cookbook.  She also welcomes back a new (and cute put somewhat prickly) neighbor.

Lili would like to know about your frugal specialty.


  1. Thank you for the link, Pamela.

    The funniest search terms for my blog have been:

    women in plaid skirts (obviously some guy with a fetish -- and for the record, for any of you with a fetish for women wearing plaid skirts, there are NO photos of me or anyone else, in a plaid skirt on my blog)

    my big fat kids (my kids are all rather slim, one significantly underweight which we continue to try to overcome -- but we did take a big, fat family vacation with my kids -- again I wonder, is this a fetish?)

    I wrote a post last summer on getting the stink out mildewy swimsuits, and this has prompted the most searches. You would be amazed at what damp items people have left to sit for days, weeks, months, even one year, and that they still want to salvage! If it was me, and I left a wet tee-shirt in a plastic bag in my parents house, under the bed, for a year and a half, and it had gigantic black mildew stains, and stunk to high heaven -- well, I think I'd toss that one, and not try to fix it!

    The search terms can be really, really funny!

    1. OMG. Not only would I toss that shirt, I'd probably burn it, just in case!

  2. I love the search terms. Economiesofkale had those posted on her blog earlier this week and they are always good for a chuckle.

    The life hacks has some great ideas--and a couple of weird ones.

  3. I really want to read the life hacks thing but the website's down currently! :(

    You always have the best lolcats around! :)

  4. The life hacks are great! I doubt I will remember any of them long enough to use them, but I enjoy their cleverness and humor.