Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Make the small fixes now and prevent the bigger problems later

It sounds obvious, but all of us have put off a small fix.  I don't have the time.  It can wait. Ugh, it's such a pain, I don't even want to think about it.

But you need to make the small fix before it grows into a big problem.

Three years ago, there was a small nick in my windshield.  I noticed it and figured my car might not pass inspection.  However, inspection was eight months away.  Maybe I could just let it go?

I decided to get it taken care of.  I figured I'd need a new windshield, but no, the guy just used an acrylic filler and it was as good as new.  He said had I not done that, the nick could have gotten bigger, the car would have definitely failed the inspection, and there would be no acrylic fix for that.  I'd would have had to get a whole new windshield put in.

The dripping faucet, the sputtering bulb, the leaky pipe, the scratched car, the cracked glass. . .all small things we can live with.  But all things that can cost us a lot of money if we don't fix them.    I'm the biggest procrastinator on the planet, so I know the urge to just pretend the small problem doesn't exist.  Honestly, half the reason why I'm writing this is to remind myself to not let the pain-in-the-neck things go.  Small problems can turn into bigger and more expensive ones.  Entropy is something we fight against every day. 


  1. So very true! I like to remind myself that big problems began as small problems!

    For reference, if your insurance doesn't cover repairing nicks in the windshield (on our older cars we've elected to drop the part of coverage for things like that), the kits that they make for doing this yourself are easy to use. We've done this ourselves twice, with good (and lasting) results.

  2. Entropy. I gotta lot of that going on. You are not alone.

  3. Ah, entropy. This is why I hate housework. It will never stay done that bastard, lol. And good reminder on the small things. They are SO easy to put off until another day. I had a belt on my car that was going, and I put it off, and put it off until I just forgot about it. Then one day a few months later, the whole thing snapped and the car stopped moving. Uh, woops. I definitely won't be ignoring that one again!

  4. There's an annoyingly catchy Ad on the radio all the time over here about Autoglass. It rambles on about how every chip will eventually crack, leading to your windshield being replaced.

    I am terrible for procrastination too. I've heard you should do the jobs you least want to do first, but I never do that! :(