Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday blogaround

Since so many folks like cats doing funny things. . .
Hello and happy Friday!

I took a look at the search terms that led people to this blog.  Here are the more interesting ones:

Hot soup storage containers
B├ęchamel vegetable lasagna
Cats doing funny things
Funny pictures of a lazy person
Homemaking essentials
Lebanese red lentil soup recipe
Marbella chicken using boneless

Okay.  Here's what people are blogging about this week.

First, a shameless plug: I have a guest post up at Food Stamps Cooking Club.  Please go check it out!

Apartment Therapy brings you your domestic squee with Ten Tiny Houses.

Donna Freedman has some tips on eradicating your debt from the holidays.

The difference between mindfulness and frugality through buying used. I think these are good things to think about if you aren't struggling and need to clarify what you're doing; I also think that if you're really strapped for cash the whole thing is moot--you're just trying to scrape by.

Doggone Thrifty has 25 fun ideas for winter that won't cost you.

Oatmeal bread. YUM.

When old bills come back to haunt you. Yikes.

Have a great weekend, everybody!


  1. I've had some pretty funny search terms taking folks to my blog, as well. What are people doing in their free time??!!

    1. We are taking a break from some onerous task (de-cluttering kid's rooms, anyone?) and finding out what YOU are doing!

      Pamela, I admit, I love your funny cat pictures. And video clips. And how you morph into serious, thought-provoking topics.

      I made oatmeal bread this week--I think it's our absolute favorite (and that's saying a lot as we've never met a bread we don't like!).

      How's that for random comments?

  2. Nice guest post on the Food Stamps Cooking Club blog, Pamela. :)