Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday blogaround

We've got a nasty flu outbreak.  Boston declared a public health emergency, it's gotten so bad.  Donna has some tips about where you can find an affordable flu shot if funds are tight.  I urge you to get one if you can. The CDC has some other tips to help prevent catching the flu.

The Frugal Student Teacher had an idea about creating a zombie apocalypse pantry challenge.  So far, it's been a riot.

Jenn talks about the skills she learned in 2012, and the skills she'd like to learn in 2013.

Bryallen gets some found money.  I get weepy and nostalgic over Tesco's. Sniff.

Sometimes you do have to spend some money to get good quality. Unlike the Frugal Fairfielders, I'm fine with two-buck chuck wine, but I must caution you that I have the palate of a barbarian, so what do I know?  If the cheap wine doesn't taste good to you, it is definitely a waste of money to buy it.  If you're like me, you're not really going to be able to tell.  However, if I was going to make wine jellies, you bet I'll get the cheap stuff.

The same goes for cheap hotels.  Sometimes they are cheap because it's off season and/or they want to bring in new business.  Sometimes they are cheap because they are terrible, infested hovels. (Happy Anniversary, Holly and Greg!)

Frugal Living UK plans his garden.  And lo, his post reminds me that gardens should not be all vegetables, all the time.  Flowers are good to have, too.

Judy has some questions about regifting versus donating.  As long as the thing ends up with someone who will use it, it's all good. 

OK, everyone.  Have a great weekend!

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  1. We wound up donating them to the silent auction and they were thrilled to have them. So I am happy the money will go to the school :)