Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Things I don't miss

Nothing to do with the post, just a picture I took on a walk.
I don't have the wherewithal to write a long post today, but I did want to talk a little bit about what I don't miss these days.

As regular readers know, I moved closer to work.  Work is about an hour and ten minutes from where I used to live.  I miss my friends in my old town, my old condo unit (which was beautiful), and being a 40-minute drive (or a train ride) to the city.  That was convenient.  I miss my old church.  I miss being able to pop in on my folks easily (I can do it, but, you know, we're a little further apart now.)

But I did decide to go without things in my rental, since this is for about six months while I look for a place to buy.  Here is what I don't miss.

Cable TV. I don't even miss regular TV.  I will eventually get the cables to connect my DVD player to my old analog TV but for now, I don't feel I need it at all.

Caller ID. Actually, I do kind of miss that (it's great for screening telemarketers) but I'm not getting a lot of calls from them yet.  Also, saying "No thank you" and hanging right up (without giving them a chance to answer the "No thank you") is quite effective.

Shopping. I didn't do a lot of it even where I used to live, and it's not as if there aren't options here, but I still don't miss it. LOL.

Have you given up anything that you realized you don't miss? What was it?


  1. Yes, definitely. I gave up teaching a class at my church recently. I had been doing it for so long that I thought I would really miss it but I don't AT ALL! Our family also gave up cable many years ago. We still watch a lot on Hulu though. Also, I religiously couponed for about a year but I gave that up. I miss some of the deals but the work for those deals I don't miss.


  2. Telemarketers are the worst!! Do you guys have the awful automated ones now? They try and sell you loans or something, I dunno, but the robot voice is enough to warn you!

    I am usually fairly polite to them, saying "no thank you", but one day last Christmas when I was working two jobs and trying to get all the presents made, some poor unfortunate bloke woke me up from a much-needed nap between jobs. He got an earful, lol. :)

  3. I have heard that "please take me off your calling list" (at least in the USA) is the way to get rid of the telemarketers for good, and I have had reasonable success with it--but punching the number on the robocalls to get rid of them has never worked for me. "Rachel from cardholder services" will not be ignored. :)

    I don't miss cable. It just makes my backside broader and who needs that???? That's a funny coincidence that Rebekah doesn't miss teaching a class at church--I also gave that up this past year and have enjoyed being in the learner's seat instead of the teaching seat.