Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sew I'll do a project

See what I did there?  Good thing I've got a day job.

Anyhow, I'm taking another round of sewing lessons at this place.  I like Mikala, the instructor.  She's very patient and fun and encouraging, which is what I need since I'm frustrated very easily and a little on  the jittery side, which makes cutting patterns or fabric an adventure.

I'm going to make an apron.  I figured it would require me to use a lot of sewing skills but be doable enough that I could complete it by the time the classes were finished.  I also figured it would be something I could use--it doesn't require zippers or buttons (unless you want to add buttons as decoration, which I don't) and the sizing is pretty forgiving, so chances are I can get away with using it even if it's not perfect.  This is in contrast to a skirt or dress or shirt I may try to make which, if it's not done right, is going to look strange.

The fabric in the picture is what I'm using.  I picked it up yesterday.  I was going to get an  aqua in the solid color, but when I took the advice of a fellow customer at the store and draped the fabric bolts next to each other and walked back, I saw the brown in the pattern was dominant and that's the best color to use for the trim.  (The customer also declared the pattern I chose "darling" so I'm assuming I'm doing something right!)

The patterned one will be the main part of the apron; the solid brown will be the straps, ruffle (I'm not a ruffle kind of chick but this will be good practice) and pockets.


  1. Good luck with this project, Pamela. Aprons are definitely more forgiving than skirts, dresses, etc. I think you'll do a great job! And in choosing the print over solid aqua was smart, too. Prints tend to hide more flaws, and stains.

    I have a piece of holiday fabric that I bought several years ago that I've been meaning to make into a half apron. Maybe I'll finally get to that this year.

  2. Sounds awesome - love the colours! :)