Thursday, December 13, 2012

A brief post about gender roles. With a Harry Enfield video.


Yeah, I'm going there.

The next person who insists that ladybrains can't handle engineering, science, or math are welcome to start sewing.  You cannot read those sodding patterns without having an engineer's brain.  You also can't do that stuff without being good with math or spatial reasoning (go on, try and take a two-dimensional pattern and make a three dimensional thing out of it without good spatial reasoning and math skills).  While we're at it, a lot of crafts require that stuff.

Have I mentioned that I do not do well with patterns or diagrams? My sewing classes, as fun as they are, are true exercises in character building.  I'm going to do this the way I relearned swimming as an adult--take the beginners classes over and over until I've got it down.  This may mean that I'm able to be reasonably proficient by the time I retire, but I will have fun doing it.

Enjoy the Harry Enfield video.  If you aren't familiar with him, look him up on Youtube.  He's a riot.

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