Monday, November 26, 2012

Adventures in mulch

I'm renting a house for the next six months while I look for a more permanent place to live (read: buy).  The house has a small yard and the street is tree-lined, which means I've got my work cut out for me when it comes to raking.  Fortunately, the yard is small and it's good practice for if/when I buy a single-family home.

I have a garden plot through work, and it's huge.  My forays into seaweed mulch produced mixed results--it does wonders for the soil, and it kept the weeds to a minimum, at first, but then I ended up with a prairie in my plot anyway.  My father always made a mulch pile with grass clippings and leaves, and it was very effective.  Weeds are sparse in the garden, and the soil is very well fed.  So I bagged the leaves I raked and made a mulch pile.  It was pretty big, but I know that after snow, rain, and decomposition that it would probably to down to a third of its size.  I walked back to my car thinking, Sheesh, I hope I can rake a few more in the yard when I slipped on the path.  Gah, I've got to be careful, all of the paths around the plots are slippery with leaves--


Well, take a wild guess how I spend that morning! I raked some areas around the plots up and piled those leaves on top of my leaf pile.  And I'll probably do that a few more times.  No one who has plots there use them--they prefer weed barrier or seaweed.  I'll probably still scout out seaweed but it's nice to know that yes, leaves are an option.  I'll have to get some lime to add to the pile--there are a fair number of oak tress in my neighborhood, and I heard that oak leaves are a little acidic. But I hope this will make the garden a little less weedy.


  1. I've been trying to get the raking members of the family to move my piles from spots in the yard to one particular garden area that I want to develop next spring. This may be a job I have to do myself, as there have been no takers so far.

    I'm hoping that this added mulch will improve a rather dead area.

  2. Definitely be careful in those slippery spots, Pamela. My dad has been putting leaves in the compost pile for us today after raking them for the last couple of days. They do make good mulch.

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