Thursday, October 4, 2012

Time to fess up

Well, I will fess up.  I have been largely absent because I've been in the middle of selling my place.  It's fairly involved even from the seller's side.  Fingers crossed, nothing will go haywire and this sale will go through.

I didn't have to put my place on the market, and honestly--I had done a lot of work to it and made it beautiful.  If I was working in the city and still took the commuter train, I would stay here.  It's a short walk to the rail station from my place.  I have the best of both worlds--I live in a suburb, but right in the town center.  If my car was to die and if I worked in the city, I could do just fine--I can walk to the grocery store, the library, the train, and the local bus.  My condo unit is very nice, I have a balcony, and access to two garden plots between the community garden here and the one at work.  I have nice neighbors (my downstairs neighbor and I had a very nice meal out tonight) and my family is close by.

But that's the thing.  I'm close to everything but my job.  Work is an hour and ten minutes away.  I'm going against traffic, so it's not particularly stressful, but at almost $4 a gallon, it's getting expensive.  I'll be renting very close to work for the next six months while I look for another place to buy--that way I won't feel pressured to buy something, anything and have a home to move into (and regret it later).  I can take my time.

I figure I'll buy closer to work but not right there--I don't want to paint myself into a corner if, Flying Spaghetti Monster forbid, I get laid off or my boss decides I'm a TERRIBLE employee or my boss leaves and they hire Attila the Hun.  Or, as a friend of mine said (and no forbidding this), I get offered a dream job in the city.  There are communities that would be 30-40 minutes away from work and that have easy access to commuter trains.  So that's where I'm looking.

I'd prefer a single family house--I'm not about to go buying any goats or anything, but I would like to have a huge vegetable garden.  I think it would be easier to maintain it and care for it and enjoy it if it was, well, in my backyard.  However, I also want to be realistic--if it turns out that decent single family homes are out of my price range but that I can afford a good condo, I'll go that route.  (I wonder if there are condos that allow goats? HAHAHAHAAHA. Joking.  I promise!)

So that's what I've been up to.  What have you all been up to?


  1. Good luck to you! An hour and 10 minutes is a LONG commute and not only does it cost you in gas money, it costs you in time, so I think you're smart to move closer to work.

  2. Hoping your house sells fast, I know selling, like buying can be really stressful. I think you are right in moving closer to work--that's more than two hours out of your day just for commuting! eekkk

  3. Good luck with this sale, and finding just the right new place! Do you hope to be in a house before next garden season begins?

  4. Good luck with the sale! I think in six months you'll know whether your current job is the right fit for you, so it's probably good to wait before buying just in case you don't like it! :)

    Goats are cute. My parents looked into getting some a while ago, but UK laws regarding them are silly (you need an agricultural license to move them off your property, even to go to the vet!)

  5. I do hope to be in a house by the spring. Fingers crossed! I like my job--I've had it for a couple of years now--so I guess I know it's a keeper for me, lol.