Monday, September 24, 2012

I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth

New Mexico Chili pepper.
I've just been really, really busy with a whole bunch of things related to work, friends, and home.

My peppers finally started turning red last week (yay!).  Those things take ages.  I tried to pick the bell pepper that turned red but by the time I got to it, there was a colony of red bell pepper loving ants inside.  Ew.  My hot peppers have been unmolested, unsurprisingly.  (HA. I DARE YOU PESTS TO EAT THEM. I DARE YOU. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.)

Cayenne peppers are finally turning red!
Otherwise. . .I had tried watching the show Revolution long before it premired on NBC--you could watch it online and on-demand.  I sat through a half hour and turned it off in disgust.  It's a dystopian soap opera.  I went without a TV for years--quite happily--as a college student and as a working adult, and until about three years ago, I didn't have cable (it was cheaper for me to get the bundle than it was for me to have DSL and phone service, which when you think about it, is kind of obscene).  Other than having really cheesy made for the Sci-Fi channel B-movies on as background noise when I'm cleaing the house, I'm not getting anything out of it.  Yes, I am a Luddite.

OK.  So I'll be back to regular posting.  I just wanted to make sure all four of my readers knew I have a pulse.


  1. Good to have you back, Ms. Feral. I was beginning to get worried. I've missed my "coffee with Pam!"

  2. Hi Pamela,
    good to see there's steam on the mirror.
    I just figured you were on vacation or super busy, like with TWO gardens to harvest and all! Odd about the pepper ants. I'd never heard of those before. Oh well, a reason to be grateful that peppers can't grow where I live.

    1. Lili, I think they were just regular ants who thought they found a new home and dinner at the same time. Le sigh. I'm catching up on my blog reading this week!

  3. If you blend up hot peppers, onion, and garlic, steep it all in hot water, strain when cool, you have a spray for bugs, including ants. Mix this concoction with a little Dawn and cooking oil. Then, put a cup full in a sprayer with about three cups of water. It is the only bug spray I use.

  4. Glad you're back. You always make me laugh. :)

  5. Nice to see you back, Pamela. :)

  6. Apparently you can stop squirrels from eating food put out for birds by mixing in some hot chilli powder. The birds can't taste it, but the squirrel will have steam coming out of his ears! :)