Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Suze Orman on student loans


  1. Suze Orman has such great advice. And she makes a very good point in this clip. It's for parents who cosign their child's student loan. If something happens and the child dies, the parent is still responsible for this debt, even though the person who was supposed to benefit from this loan is no longer living.

    Student loans are something of a gamble. The student is gambling that they will land such a good paying job that the loan will seem insignificant in comparison. With my two daughters, we intend to explore scholarships, work while in school, as well as the money my husband and I have for them, and avoid student loans altogether, if we can.

  2. This is sobering. And so important to hear. Pamela, you are great at finding important information and posting it for the rest of us to see. Thank you.