Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday links

Luckily for my friends, keeping ahead of me isn't hard.
Building a scrap mansion, piece by piece over the years.

That's really cool to build a scrap mansion, but I still salivate over straw bale homes.  Like this one.

Another delicious way to prepare your zucchini or summer squash.  I have so much from my CSA right now.

Work friends vs. real friends.  It's good to be friends--or friendly--with your coworkers, definitely.  However, I think this article is important because it's easy to blur the lines.  Even if you answer 'yes' to some of the questions at the end--and I certainly did, as there are many former colleagues I'm close with and hang out with regularly--it's important to realize that work is work and you can't assume that everyone there is your bestie--they've got lives outside of the office.  As should we all.

Frugal things the grumpies don't need to do anymore (and have joyfully discarded).

Older adults are very vulnerable to fraud.

10 bonuses from buying a home.

A savings hack--much used, much loved, but well worth repeating.

Have a great weekend, everybody!


  1. Straw bales as building materials are apparently one of the best things to use. The boyfriend is training to be an architect and told me all about them one day. Apparently they're surprisingly strong yet fairly light, easy to waterproof, cheap, amazing insulation and he said they are less easy to set on fire than regular building materials!

    Just watch out for the big bad wolf!

  2. But I LIKE chicken leg/thigh combos, beet greens, and my kids love boxed mac n cheese (and I buy the cheapie stuff at Aldi ... ).

    My father is elderly and has dementia. Fortunately he wasn't taken in this past week by a phone scam promising some sort of prize if he gave his social security number--but it's frightening, all the same.

  3. Thanks for the link!

    As we noted, we still buy boxed mac n cheese, but we don't wait for sales.

    We also will buy dark chicken meat, but won't stew it to get the meat off to add to later meals (like veggie stirfry) in small amounts later. Instead we'll cut up a boneless skinless breast for those purposes. Leg-thigh combinations are only eaten baked or fried these days.

  4. I like the one about work vs 'real' friends. Sometimes work friends become long-term friends, but not often, in my experience.