Monday, July 30, 2012

Luxurious and inexpensive tea

I love using fresh herbs in my hot (or iced) teas or other drinks--they add a beautiful flavor and a rich dimension to them.

I went out for tea with a good friend of mine a couple of years ago.  We were all set to gorge ourselves on caffeine but one the teas available was rooibos cocoa mint.  Well, we had to try it.  It was addictive.

The brand they offered is not stocked by my local grocery stores, and the chi-chi stores further out don't stock that particular flavor.  I did know that I was going to grow chocolate mint so I figured I could be patient.  (It also helped that the friend who made this delicious meal got a similar tea and was happy to supply me with cups anytime I visited.)

Now that the chocolate mint in my local plot is thriving, I'm happy to say I've got that tea again.  All you need is a cup of rooibos tea and a few chocolate mint leaves.  Pour water over both, allow to steep for 4-5 minutes, and you have a rich, sweet, delicious tea that cannot be beat.  Use a little honey if you want it sweeter.  Delicious.  I made some for my mother after dinner last night.

I also like to make tea from pineapple sage.  I'll just pour hot water over a bunch of cut pineapple sage leaves and allow them to steep.  I also like it a little sweet, so I add a smidge of honey.


  1. our chocolate mint plant is threatening to take over the world!

    I wish we'd listened when people suggested planting it in a pot!

    It does make yummy tea.

  2. That sounds very good. I've mostly been using my herbs for iced tea this summer.

    Nicole and Maggie, you can get your mint back under control. But it takes a couple of summers of pulling the excess plants up. I've had to do that twice now. You'd think I'd have learned after the first out of control mint. I now have all our mints planted in pots that are half sunk into the ground (to keep their roots happy).

  3. There used to be this restaurant here that served each glass of iced tea with a sprig of mint. I loved getting that tea every time we went there.

    Your tea sounds wonderful, Pamela. There is nothing like sitting down to a fresh cup of iced or hot tea to me. I may just have to brew myself a cup this morning. :)