Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Garden update

No pictures, I'm afraid.  Though one of the people at the community garden in my town took a picture as I hammed it up with one of the cayenne peppers that I harvested.

So--my local garden is going very well.  I got two cukes, lots of herbs (including basil, which I thought was overshadowed by the jungle-like growth of tomatoes), and some hot peppers.  As well as a sweet pepper.  The pineapple sage, mint, and chocolate mint are thriving and I've made very good use of them.  Yay!

The one at work--a coin toss.  We're getting zucchini (though the leaves look a little raggedy) and beets.  Lots of green tomatoes.  Basil thriving, so will have another year's supply of pesto on hand.  (I've already frozen some.)  Had one cucumber--and a small, sad one is starting.  Two of the three cucumber plants died.  Bummer.  The butternut squash isn't doing that great--there's a plot in my town that is already showcasing tons of squash, and I've got two.   I may have to get the brush and start pollinating the blooms.  The vines are quite long, however.

The pineapple sage in this plot is being eaten by some sort of bug, as is the common sage and lemon balm.  The cultivated mint is doing okayish, but I think it will really take hold by next year.  (The wild mint in the area is doing very well, and I would have just stuck with that, but it's actually not as tasty as the cultivated stuff.)

Also, despite all of the mulch we laid down, we're getting a lot of weeds.  They are easy enough to pull but they are quite numerous.  I pulled the rows clear last week and yet I came back yesterday to water the plot and pick some things and wow, back to grasslands in some areas.  I'm taking comfort in the fact that I'm not the only one with that problem in this particular community garden.  I may lay down weed barrier next year.  I was hoping the mulch would do it--we lay down several thick layers over a month or so--but the weed barrier among certain plants may be best.  (Not the herbs though--the thyme, oregano, mint--heck, almost all of them tend to spread and that's a-ok with me.  All that means is that you take what's spreading and use it.  Oh no, not that!)

The rhubarb is doing very well--I've made another two quarts of Lili's lemonade.


  1. Sounds like your gadens are doing very well. I have grown a few veggies in my back garden but they are not doing very well. Too much rain and not enough sunshine here in the north west of England.

  2. I am so envious of everyone else's gardens. Mine is so slow this year. We've had a very cool and rainy summer. We've been overrun by slugs, plants aren't growing. So frustrating.

    What did you use for mulch? I know a lot of folks use thick layers of newspapers to block the weeds in the paths.

  3. Pamela,

    Glad to hear your garden is going well. Your chocolate and pineapple mint sound delicious! I can remember when I was growing up, my next door neighbor grew wild mint and every time she mowed her lawn, she would trim the edge of it as she mowed that patch of grass and the air would be filled with the smell of mint. Mmmm.

    have you thought about laying down newspapers and wetting then to control the weeds. You can Google it and see what you think. I've heard it is good to control weeds.

  4. I will try wet newspaper--I have plenty of newspaper from work, so that's no issue! I have been using seaweed for mulch at the work garden. It worked really well until suddenly it didn't. Le sigh. It does add a lot of nutrients to the soil though, so there's that!

  5. Can't wait for your pesto yummmmy! I’m the worlds luckiest neighbor :)

  6. Wahh. Our rhubarb didn't do well and the season is now over here.