Monday, July 9, 2012

Garden progress--the jungle

My gardens are doing well--I got a couple of zucchini from the one at work and saw some beans on the vines.  My tomato plants are getting large and my herbs are thriving.  I'm also getting some peppers on my pepper plants--yay!

The one in my town is doing very well, also, as you can see.  The tomato plants are getting big and my oregano is huge.  I picked a lot of my herbs and brought them to a friend of mine yesterday.  I'll be picking more this week.  I made a really nice tea from the pineapple sage.  Just the leaves and some honey in boiling water.  Yum!

I might try to make some herb jellies later in the season.  And of course, pestos!


  1. Your tomato plants are huge! My garden is about a month behind yours, by the looks of things.
    You liked pineapple sage tea just an an herb tea? I've only tried it added to black tea. I;ll have to try it the other way.

  2. herbal vinegars, dried herbs, frozen herbal butters-there is alot you can do with the largesse of herbs!