Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday blogaround

This has nothing to do with the post at hand, I just thought it was very funny.  (And I'm an atheist who attends a Universalist congregation, so my friends with faith will not offend me in any way if they laugh while listening to this.  Though I was raised as Catholic and we did not listen to Gregorian chants.)

Okay, lets get to what I've seen on the intertubes recently.

Living on Foodstamps has a post about making foolproof yogurt without a slow cooker.  I have been making it in my slow cooker, and was generally successful until recently (ironically, on the day I gave a talk on how to make yogurt in your slow cooker). Last week I got yogurt-scented milk.  Not good!  The last batch turned out okay, but it doesn't tend to be very thick.  I read somewhere that you need to use full-fat milk to get it to be very thick.  I might try it this way and see how it works.

I am in awe of CTMom's mad organizational skills.  Carla's also got her food organized and a plan in place.

Katy points out that sometimes you just need to clean something rather than replace it.  And sometimes you just need to do a minor repair.  Lesson of the day: take care of your stuff and it will last.

Holly talks about using credit cards and their rewards program to your advantage.  Do not do this unless you pay off the entire thing every month and you only charge for things you need.  It's very easy to spend more when you're using plastic.

And now, I'm off to the beach as I have today off.  Have a great weekend, everybody!

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