Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A post where I show you I'm not a total Luddite

Well, I do love a lot of modern things, I won't deny that.  But I also won't deny that I tend to side-eye a lot of things like apps and smart phones and new "needs" that shouldn't be needs but have become needs.

However, there are several technological things I love that I would not want to do with out.  They could be regarded as luxuries but they have saved my hide and my sanity.

Online bill pay.  I do this through my bank.  I love this.  First, for bills that I get every month, I can just have them automatically paid from my account.  Second, for bills that I get sporadically, I can just log on and pay them, and know that the vendor has the money.  This has saved my hide.  I am very easily distracted and when I had to write checks, some bills went unpaid--not because I didn't have the money, but because I misplaced them, or got distracted, or couldn't find the checks, etc.  (Yes, I should be more organized.  I've been striving to be that way for 43 years.)  Now they're paid.

Caller ID.  Oh, lord how I love caller ID.  If I don't recognize the name on the screen, I don't pick up.  It's a great way to screen out telemarketers.

Voice mail.  Back in the day, I had an answering machine that you could dial into to get your messages, but it didn't work very well.  Voice mail is convenient--I can dial in from where ever I am to get my messages.

Edited to add: How could I forget--I was reminded in the comments--the internet! Yes, it can be a haven for spineless bullies, trolls and Internet Tough Guys.  But if you need to find a recipe, get ideas on how to prepare a certain type of food, get information on a subject (some of it correct) and get some good how-to's on how to do things, the internet is just awesome.  I would not have had the guts to try pressure canning if I didn't see a how-to on Youtube--basically, I didn't know what the canner would look or sound like when it got up to pressure.  Now I do.  Yay, internet!

How about you? What technological things out there do you love?


  1. Online bill pay and caller ID are two of my favorite technological items. I also like texting because I would rather text than talk on the phone. lol

  2. For me its google. I can find out how to fix practically anything without a trip to the library, or hardware shop,.

  3. Well of course a big one is the internet! It would've taken soooooo long to research stuff for my degree final year project without it, for example. I'd've been relying on out of date books rather than current research articles. Also saves a lot of time finding cheap insurance etc.

    I also really like DVDs and CDs. Sooo much more practical than tapes where they would make the dreaded "all your tape is unwravelling and tangling up" noise!

  4. The ability to email one of my images or my being able to immediately post an image to blog still strikes me as a kind of magic.

    If, back when I was in photo school, someone would have told me we could someday do this, I would have been "Nah...that's just science fiction."

  5. Oh, lord yes! I updated my post because I was thinking that Googling/the internet is so useful. Then when I was typing this out early this morning, I was all "Hey, there was another thing I was thinking of what is it???"

    My attention span, it is pathetic!

    And yes, I do like email. If I was still living in Japan, I'd be all over Skype. (I have a Skype account but mainly use it to talk to an uncle in Michigan every so often.)

  6. I LOVE online bill pay! It took me a while to get on board with it because it seemed overwhelming. However, once I started I quickly became hooked. It makes my (financial) life so much easier and less complicated!

  7. Email is like magic. I emailed a friend in AU and he replied immediately. In less that three minutes, we could have two exchanges apiece.

    Sometimes, I wonder if the first users of the telephone were as in awe of the telephone's power and speed as I am of email power and speed.

    I only took one online course, but it was great not having to drive 100 miles round trip each week.

    Internet and all the information amounts to learning more than I ever did in 9 years of college. I rejected and ridiculed the cell phone until I got one. I waited on calls that never came. For some reason people ignored my cell number on my business card and contact info. Then, I forwarded my home phone permanently to my cell phone and have been deliriously happy ever since.

    For the last few years, I have been highly impressed with the ability to electronically send my xrays and MRI and sonagram results to my doctor.

    Online banking has saved me writing bad checks inadvertantly. I don't do online bill pay, but I can see exactly what I have and balance my checkbook now. Before, I was just clueless.