Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mediterranean Fish (dinner and leftovers)

I had friends over on Saturday for dinner--one of them is trying to eat more sensibly and so I figured I could make Indian food or a light fish dish.  Well, Indian food is delicious, but I figured cooking things in ghee would be defeating the purpose.  Also, it would take some doing, and I've been a bit tired lately, so I decided to make Mediterranean fish.

This is very, very easy and feels quite luxurious.  It is a good go-to dish when you're trying to make a fancy meal that doesn't take a lot of time or energy.  And it makes for decent leftovers if you get a little creative (granted, don't go heating up fish at work).


1 pound of firm white fish (cod, haddock, etc.).
1 small jar of capers
1 14-oz can of stewed tomatoes
1/4 cup of white wine
1 tsp of olive oil

Lightly oil a shallow casserole.  Place fish inside.  Cover with capers and tomatoes, pour white wine over it.  Bake at 350 degrees, covered, for 30-50 minutes, until fish is opaque and flakes with a fork.

This dish cries out for crusty bread--the brothy sauce that comes out in the baking process is simply heavenly.  The first time I made this, I had no bread--it was for my parents on Christmas Eve and they were trying to cut down on carbs.  Trust me on this, indulge in one piece of crusty, chewy bread to dip in the sauce. You'll be glad you did.

For leftovers, I flake the fish a bit, heat the whole thing up, and toss it with a little pasta and olive oil (see the picture to the right).  It's delicious.  I do not bring the leftover fish to work as that's just plain cruel to my coworkers.

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  1. Mmmm. . .that sounds good. I should eat more fish, but just lack inspiration and ideas. Thanks for the recipe!