Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dogs, cats, and their pet humans

So apparently now it's all the rage to provide your dog with a tricked out doghouse.  I've also seen fluff news stories on people who designed their homes for their cats.

Don't get me wrong--I think you should make your pet comfortable and happy.  For cats, that means building or adding a few things that they can climb and perch on, even if it's some empty shelving on a wall or a ledge by the window (or a tall scratching post).  For dogs, it's a shelter that keeps them protected from the elements if they are outside.

Your pets need love, care, and attention.  They need exercise, so walk your dog (seriously, walk your dog, don't just leave it outside on a lead, that's mean) and play with your cat.  They need--or at least most of them seem to like--scritches and some cooing.  They need decent food (not gourmet food, though I'm sure my cat would put in a plug for popcorn, which she tries to eat and which I will not let her have) and clean water.  They need a clean living environment (and cats need a clean litter box).  They need to be brushed and groomed and bathed, depending on the animal.

They do not need heated, tricked out doghouses.  They do not need diamond collars.  They do not need the pet version of starter mansions.  Not only do they not need them, they don't care about them. They care about things like being pet, fed, and being comfortable. Which is really the beauty of having pets. 


  1. I fully agree with you. Dogs do not need clothes. Maybe a coat in severe cold weather if they have thin/very short fur.

  2. Our cats have a dog house for when it's cold. I bought it at a yard sale for $10. They don't like it at any other time of the year though. lol

  3. A number of years ago I was in Maine visiting one of my students in the heart of winter. They had a number of cats living in their barn. No heat (in below freezing temps.) No food but what they could catch. I was amazed that they were as happy and as social as any cat I have met.

  4. The only special accommodations that our cats ever wanted was a warm lap (and maybe a spot on my newspaper -- that I was reading at the moment).

    I understand that some food banks are now trying to keep pet food in stock. There are some people who are faced with heartbreaking choices, like feed my children/pay the electric bill, or feed my pets.