Thursday, May 10, 2012


I had a pretty busy weekend--I was with the family to celebrate a couple of birthdays on Saturday and hung out with a friend on Sunday.  We ended up going to a street fair in the city.  There were stalls all over the place, and one of them was selling this book and framed art from the book.  My friend got the book for me because I dig the ravenous undead.  I have joked that when I die, I want to be reanimated as a zombie.

Probably because they marry two freaky things that should scare the waste out of me (flesh-eating zombies and the end of the world) I dig the zombie apocalypse. It cracks me up.  Zombie movies are gross and rather funny even when they're supposed to be scary.  If you're trying to be all earnest and serious and make a larger point in a zombie apocalypse story, you're doing wrong (hey, Walking Dead, I'm looking at you).  It's the zombie apocalypse.  It's all campy gross fun.

So.  It's my new coffee table book.

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  1. If you order "Walking Dead" (zombie TV series) from your public library soon, the Hudson library will ship it directly from me to you...all cleaned and buffed by me! They also have "Zombieland" which is my favorite Zombie movie yet!