Thursday, May 24, 2012

Garden Progress

I have two garden plots, one in a community garden in my town and one at work (my workplace offers plots to employees, which is fantastic and makes me never, ever want to leave).  We have had a couple of meetings in my town for the container garden--the first one was to get everything up to speed and to make any repairs, add in some new soil, stuff like that.  Then we started planing a few things last week.  I'll get this finished up by Memorial Day weekend.

 My plot at work is huge--I am working the plot with a colleague, and hopefully this year it will go better than last year, when they had to close it down for two weeks to test the soil (long story--everything is fine, though).  There were so many weeds after that, I simply couldn't keep up.  Some dude in a loin cloth was swinging around in a vine and kept calling me Jane.  It was odd. Thanks to the mild winter, I was able to gather a lot of mulch for the workplace plot and I think (I hope!) we'll be okay weed-wise.

But, I've got some snazzy pics of my town container plot.  Container gardens--especially those based on Mel Bartholomew's Square Foot Gardening technique--are very low maintenance.  It's difficult to over-water them, the soil mix means the plants do well, they don't get choked with weeds, and while you do have a problem with some creatures trying to make off with your produce, you can easily put some chicken wire around it to keep them away.

I thought I'd try and plant chard, though I do think it's more of a fall crop.  But what the heck.  I love chard.

One of our garden partners got a bunch of plants on sale at Home Depot.  Among them were leeks.  They were bunched all together and they looked like a tuft of grass.  These things to the right are leek shoots.  It will be interesting to see how they turn out.

Some thyme.  That stuff took over another plot so many people got gifted some cuttings.

Oregano--same thing--a plant got huge and so we took some cuttings.  I love fresh oregano.

Basil.  I try to grow a lot of basil because I make as much pesto as I can.

Leftover lettuce from last year.  What the heck, I'll take it!


  1. It was Mel Bartholomew's public access tv show "Square Foot Gardening" that got me hooked on gardening, before I even had a place of my own. No kidding, I was a teen in my parents house and I'd watch that show every week, waiting for the day I could have a garden. My parents yard was mostly "for show". No room for me to putter about, and plant veggies.
    Anyways, that is so cool you have a gardening plot at work. The herbs and veggies will be great, I'm sure. My own garden is still in the process of being planted. We've had 4 straight days of rain/drizzle. I did get lettuce started very early under row covers and it's almost ready to harvest. Can't wait for those salads!

  2. That is great to have a workplace that gives you room to garden!