Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Blogaround

Wish Dan a happy birthday.  I remember 39.  Heh.

The Grumpies have a post on uber-frugal dishwashing by hand.

Living on Foodstamps is starting a container garden.

Locavore? Some folks have to go the frugalvore route. 

Keep your fingers crossed for Cash Only Living, who's getting a home inspected and will hopefully close on it soon.

The Non-Consumer Advocate managed to not buy out the omiyage shops in Japan during her trip there.  I'm going to have a post about things Japanese soon, as my friend Noriko sent me a care package of goodies for my birthday, but just FYI: Japanese kitsch is the best. kitsch. EVER.

Speaking of things that are Japanese, this Japanese-inspired salad at World of Okonomy looks delicious.

Swiss Chard and Cheese omelet.  Yum.

The Frugal Graduate makes the point that you don't just need an emergency fund, you also need a fund to take advantage of unexpected opportunities.


  1. I love your linky posts. I always discover some fab new blog I'd never seen before! :)

  2. Thanks for the link!

    We've been having a lot of swiss chard and egg dishes... I'll be glad when the CSA moves away from green and leafy.