Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Food Fail--Stuffed Cabbage

Yes, I know.  Stuffed cabbage should be easy! The thing is, I thought I'd try something different, and it didn't quite work out.

The way I know to make stuffed cabbage is with ground beef and rice, topped with stewed tomatoes and baked.  Well, I thought maybe lentils and and a lot of herbs for something different.  I was out of rice at the time and didn't want to fight my way through the grocery store.  Then I thought, hey! Breadcrumbs!

Yeah, no.  Here's a tip: Breadcrumbs don't work very well in stuffed cabbage.

It was a gloppy, horrid mess.  It was not delicious.  I tried to be sporting and eat it, and reminded myself of all the starving people in the world, and you know what? They probably wouldn't have wanted this either.  I had pictures of the entire process but honestly, they're gross.  You don't want to see it.  I kept telling myself that I should just give it a chance.  Well I did.  Be glad I ate this so you didn't have to.

I will try this another time, but with actual rice.

So. . .anyone want to chime in with food fails of their own?  (No, Pamela, it's just you.  Juuuuuussst yoooouuuu. . .)


  1. Well, that does sound pretty grim, but it reminds me of many of my own failings!

    The first time I tried to make cheese sauce it somehow separated out, looked more like watered cottage cheese by the time I finished.

    One of my worst ones (I refused to eat it but my housemate gobbled it up!) was the time I tried to make chocolate pudding. It was meant to be a sort of chocolate sponge with a chocolate sauce on top that you bake with it, but the sauce was just.. awful! It was completely the wrong consistency, much too runny, and the sponge was sort of half-floating it soggy lumps. :( Like I said, my friend liked it anyway - desparate times when you're a student!!

    I tried to make truffles a few times over Christmas but as soon as I started heating the cream (very carefully and gently) it kept immediately separating and going completely unsalvageable in about 30 seconds. :(

    Am I making you feel better yet? Haha!

  2. Bryallen, it's difficult to truly mess up chocolate, because it is chocolate.

    Dairy is a pain in the nether regions to cook, sometimes, precisely because it does separate at times.

    I put a teaspoon of cocoa powder into my chili. It gives it a nice, rich flavor that compliments the spices and the tomatoes. Once, I put in a tablespoon instead of a teaspoon. Yeah, don't do that. You chili becomes beans and veg in a chocolate tomato sauce.

  3. And by "it's difficult to truly mess up chocolate," I meant, no matter how badly you thought you cooked it, it was still chocolate, therefore delicious. ;)