Monday, April 30, 2012

Fresh, fresh eggs

Very fresh eggs are a simple pleasure.  I do not raise chickens--um, my condo association would side eye that.  However, I know several people who do raise them, and they are very generous with the eggs they get.

I bought some local eggs several years ago and I was thrilled to find that a good seven out of the dozen were double-yolkers.  Those were delicious.  I think I invited my folks over for breakfast after I got them.

There are places near me and a bit far away that sell eggs from chickens they raise themselves.  One of those places, about an hour away, sells eggs from Chilean chickens.  Those eggs are varying shades of blue and green (though the insides are just the same as any other egg).  Hard boil those and have a beautiful snack later.

These eggs pictured came from my friend Dina.  When I'm over at her place, we'll visit the chickens.  These were such a luxury.  The yolks were creamy.  Since I don't always have a chance to buy or get local eggs, when I do get them I pretty much eat them for breakfast--fry them in a little olive oil or poach them.  I want to enjoy those yolks.


  1. My three hens keep me in more eggs than I can eat. And, one rarely lays anymore. Fresh eggs from chickens allow to roam the yard are good for us, too. I like mine scrambled. I live alone, so often I can share with others.

  2. I would LOVE chickens one day! Don't think I've ever had a double yolk egg. Bet it's amazing though, that's the best bit!! :)

  3. PP, I think of you and those chickens and kind of squee with envy. Bryallen, I agree. I do not understand people who won't eat the yolks. Yolks are good for you AND they are delicious!