Monday, April 16, 2012

Cleaning like a madwoman

This past week was ridiculously busy with stuff.  I spent the better part of the week scrubbing my place down, and spent Friday night and Saturday afternoon decluttering.

And when I say scrub my place down, I'm not exaggerating.  I went from top to bottom, left to right, getting the cobwebs, dusting the ceiling fans and the blinds, washing windows, wiping and dusting surfaces, sweeping and mopping--you name it.  I moved furniture to sweep and mop and vacuum under it.  I took stuff off of shelves and wiped them down.  I felt like June Cleaver.  Except I was not in a shirtwaist dress and heels and pearls, I was in sweats and my hair was a mess and I was sweating like a feral hog.  (Sit with that awhile.  That's a nice visual, I know.  For the life of me, I will never understand these stupid ads where the woman--because it's always a woman--cleans a disaster area kitchen with a smile.  Are you people serious? What drugs are you on, exactly?)

And then I finally did my car, which was kind of a disaster from getting mulch to my garden plot.  Some spills out, no matter how careful I am.  And you just had general wear and tear and a lot of stuff that accumulates--I'm usually good about not leaving stuff in there but over the past five months or so, I've been embarrassingly slack.  So this weekend, I ran my car through the car wash, and vacuumed out the inside.  I had to keep feeding money into the vacuum machine, it was horrific how much sand and dirt and stuff was in the carpet and the floor mats.  Shaking those things out didn't help much at all, it took a serious vacuuming to get (most of) it all.  I also wiped the inside of it down with cleaner and protectant and washed the inside of the windows.

I feel a lot better when my place is clean, though.  What I find annoying is all of the paper I have had to sort through--I often just shred whatever it is that I'm not going to need, but somehow I either get lax or I think that I will need something and then I end up with a pile of stuff that I don't need and that I have to shred.  Yes, you can take your paper to a place like Office Max or Staples or a community shred day to get it taken care of for under 80 cents a pound or for free (in the case of community shred days) but just shredding a few bank statements as they come in is a lot easier than gathering the paper together and lugging it to a shredding service.  Also, it's less expensive, let's face it.

I have a few more odds and ends to do, but they're managable.


  1. My mother did not want me to take a picture of her afte she had hung out clothes and was hot and sweaty. Often, I wonder how much of what she saw on tv (June Cleaver)was reflected in her reluctance to have that picture made. I was a child and loved my mother unconditionally!

    My bank will shred my things for free, so every few weeks, I take in a two-gallon freezer bag and empty it into the locked barrel that goes, still locked to a secure facility for shredding. Yes, it is a major declutter that results in that much shredding--like throwing out 40 years of telephone bills that a late friend encouraged me to keep. He died when his hoarding fell against a wall heater!

  2. Oh, wow, PP, I am so sorry to hear about your friend! :(