Thursday, March 29, 2012

Homemade Gravlax

I didn't take a picture of the gravlax my colleague Jayne (she of the biscotti recipe) made earlier this week, mainly because everyone in the office wolfed it down and the last remaining piece went to the victor in a gladiator death match.  Well, not really.  But the gravlax didn't last the morning.  

I asked Jayne to send me the recipe or a short post for the blog, and she gladly obliged.  Thank you, Jayne!--Pamela

I’m a huge salmon fan, and always up for a kitchen challenge, so when I heard this NPR story about several good foods you can easily make at home, I jumped in by making gravlax. When I posted the story to Facebook, a caterer friend chimed in with her own way of making gravlax, so I combined the two recipes. My colleagues finished it off in a couple hours.


1C salt
½ C sugar
cracked pepper to taste
the zests of a lime, orange and lemon
1 lb salmon filet, completely deboned
bunch of cilantro
splash of gin

Combine the salt, sugar, pepper and zests.

Place the salmon filet skin side down on parchment paper, cover with the salt mix and cilantro, and fold up the parchment into a tight bundle.

Place the bundle in a dish (I used a glass pie dish) and weight it with a pound of something. 

Refrigerate for four days. I drained the dish and changed the parchment after two days because the liquid and sugar were creating an appetizing salmon syrup in the dish.

After four days, unpackage and rinse off all the salt mix with cold water. Pat dry, slice thinly, and serve with Wasa crackers, cream cheese and anything else you’d like.

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