Thursday, February 23, 2012

Only in the 1950's. . .

Two thoughts:

1) Only in the 1950's would someone be so sanguine about radioactive stuff being put on their face.  Um, no. 

2) Only in the 1950's would an ad think it was convincing to have the actress wear a nighgown with puffy princess sleeves.  Then again, the actresses in the skin cleanser ads now smile like they've just won the lottery.  I don't know about you, but when I wash my face, I don't smile because I don't want soap in my mouth.  I also don't wear puffy sleeved dresses to bed--or when I'm washing my face.


  1. Oh my word, that is amazing! :D What an advert!!

  2. Oh my goodness, radioactive dirt on the face? Those puffy sleeves were something I would never

    How about the anti-gay and the film on women and education, about how it messes up the femal brain, AND the sexist Pepsi commercial!

  3. Bryallen, the 1950's were an . . . amazing time. LOL.

    The film on women and education--PP, did you mean this one, by Harry Enfield? That one is really, really funny. Or is there one like it that is serious? If so, wow. I did see the anti-gay one, and I was horrified. Dear Lord.

  4. There's some evidence that a little radiation might be quite good for you. When an apartment complex in Taiwan was accidentally built with radioactive steel and the residents were exposed to low levels of radiation every day for years, their rates of cancer and birth defects went DOWN by a whopping 90% compared to the surrounding population: