Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A new use for a Parmesan cheese container

I used up the very last of the Parmesan cheese and was struck with inspiration that I'm sure everyone who has a blog similar to mine has had.  I soaked off the label, cleaned it out very well, made sure it was completely dry, and filled it with baking soda.

Baking soda is my go-to for cleaning the kitchen sink and the bathroom; now I don't have to worry so much about too much coming out from the box.  I can just shake on as much as I need, add a little water and/or soap, and clean.  Done. 

I do not keep or hoard old containers in the hopes that I'll use them--that would be rather ironic.  I hoard cleaning supplies and old containers to hold them! Or, I went into bankruptcy from my addiction to buying personal finance books.  Oh, foolishness.

However, if I think of a use for something I go for it as soon as I can. If I cannot do it for whatever reason--it requires work I don't have the time to put in, or materials I do not have on hand, I don't bother right way.  I recycle it or toss it and keep it in mind for next time.

Just. . .make sure, if you do this, that you keep the cheese and the baking soda clearly marked.  These are not things you want to mix up.


  1. A very good idea!

    You know, I find myself, more and more, jotting down notes of blog ideas on the back of envelopes from checks and junk mail, before I recycle them. This has nothing to do with this fine article of yours. I just thought that the Feral Homemaker would approve!

  2. I save and reuse Kraft Parmesan Cheese containers, also. And, I have one with baking soda in the bathroom. Diatomaceous Earth is in about 6 of these containers. I just take the whole bag and put it into Kraft containers at once. That way, I don't have to keep refilling just one. I have to store the bag, so why not store it in handy containers that take only one time to refill all? I blogged about this earlier. But, I am sure all us brilliant, saving bloggers have the same epiphanies. I use a black permanent marker to remind anyone else or myself what is in the containers.

  3. Stephen, me too--I am fond of using old envelopes and scrap paper for shopping lists.

    PP, that is so funny! I kind of figured that most people reading the post would be all, "Um, yeah, we figured this out AGES ago, Pamela. . ." I don't have a Sharpie but I plan to get one to mark the container. Oddly enough, a pinch of baking soda takes out some of the acidity in tomatoes when you're cooking sauce, but there's not much to recommend it as cheese. ;)

  4. I use a shaker to add baking soda when I'm boiling eggs, to make them easier to peel.

  5. I definiely struggle with not hoarding things when I think they might be useful. It's an ongoing battle between the logic and creative sides of my brain, but I'd like to think logic has begun to gain the upper hand (hemisphere?). Shaking containers are always good though, but definitely best not to get baking soda all over your pasta!

  6. I am SO swiping this idea! I wish I had thought of it eons ago! Thanks oodles!

  7. The lids from the cheese containers fits perfectly on small mouth canning jars.