Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kitchen crock solutions

I had toyed with buying one of those huge ceramic crocks you can get that holds kitchen utensils like tongs and spatulas and wooden spoons, but then I thought I'd use what was on hand.  This isn't so much because I am a frugal goddess (HA--I actually bought something completely frivolous a couple of weeks ago when I could have just made do with what I have so don't mistake me for a wise feral homemaker) but because I truly hate shopping.  Getting a kitchen crock would have required me to go to the store and fight the crowds and look at a bunch of crocks that would have had me thinking, Eh, I dunno, it's got ducks on it.  Do I really want to spend money on something with ducks on it? while random people ask me where the table linens were because for some reason, even when I'm wearing a winter coat, everyone thinks I work at whatever store I happen to be in.  It's weird.

It wasn't pretty--I didn't have a jar that was large enough to hold them all, and I wasn't about to use all of my canning jars on them, but I did manage, and no one comes into my place and gasps in horror at the fact that I've got three slightly mismatched containers to hold these things.

Two of them are plastic storage containers whose lids are missing.  Well, instead of tossing them, I used them.  The other is a chipped canning jar.  Instead of tossing it, I used it.  It works.  And it saved me a trip to the store and wondering if I really should buy a ceramic thing with ducks on it.


  1. I don't want ducks (or cows or mushrooms or apples or sunflowers) in my kitchen either, unless I am eating them. I also am faced with a formerly workable solution (the utensils upright in the deep woven container) that is slowly becoming unworkable (because after 7+ years, said container is coming apart). This post made me think and may even (maybe, perhaps) move me to replace the container.

  2. Mismatched is best! Plus you have two the same, so you could put them on either side of the canning jar for some symmetry if you're bothered!!

    Ducks eh? :)

  3. If you like pickles... I vaguely remember using a big pickle jar several moves ago.

  4. Whew! So glad you didn't get somethng with ducks! I abhor that duck stuff.

    April, if you like the look of the woven thing, put a canning jar, Folder's coffee cannister, or a #10 can inside the preserve the structural integrity of the woven thing.

    By using several containers, each type of utensil can have a separagte home. You would have a mess in one large container. I do have a ceramic "crock" from a craft show, bought long ago that I use, but would not be averse to using a chipped canning jar on the counter.