Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Links

Apparently, adopting your boyfriend or girlfriend can be a way to somehow protect your assets if you're filthy rich and really optimistic.  Of course, when things go south it's not like you can dissolve the relationship.  Also, it's a gross concept.

This sounds like a good idea if you have children who aren't me, but what do I know, I don't have kids.  The one time my parents had me cook dinner when I was a kid, I managed to mangle franks and beans.  Protip: do not keep poking the hot dogs with a fork, they will split as you boil them.  Also, stirring the beans will turn them into a mushy, pasty mess.

This man has 50 credit cards and has never missed a payment.  It sounds like he did it for the rewards the cards were offering.  It sounds a lot like work to me to keep track of all of those.

Len's got some Valentine's Day fiscal facts.  Len, just a tip, it's true: most of the women I know would prefer dinner to jewelry.  Being waited on is priceless. 

The New York Times had an article on mindful eating.  I have many thoughts on this, but I'm just parking this here for now for your edification and amazement.

In other news-that-is-not-news, the Times also has an article about how the cost of the single serve Keurig coffee capsules are way more expensive than a bag of beans or ground coffee.  No kidding! You can get a K-cup filter basket if you want to save money on coffee and reduce waste that ends up in the landfill (those plastic containers, ugh).  Be warned: my sister says it makes a mess--I don't think it is ideal for the Keurig system, which seems to require a cover to keep grounds from spewing out.

I want to read this book.

Every few years I hear about the glories of local currencies.  These have been going strong for awhile.


  1. Heehee, those Valentine's day facts are incredible! An average of $126 spent by each man buying gifts! WHOA! Can't imagine The Boyfriend stretching to that! :D

    Love how it says that most women said they'd be happy with a gift "under $55". How generous of them!!

    It's funny you should mention local currency. A city not too far from here has just launched the Bristol Pound. Worth the same as a regular pound, but only spendable in Bristol.

  2. I like Valentine's Day just fine when I'm single and there's no pressure around it--it's just another day. If I'm in a relationship, I get all stressed out because then you're expected to do stuff and I've always given this fake-lurve holiday the side-eye.

    I think there's a town out in the Berkshires in Massachusetts that also has local currency. It's an interesting concept.

  3. I'll definitely check out the link, Bryallen, thanks!

  4. I like the local currency bit. It seems that it has been catching on over the years.

    Yeah, the drunk driver aka killer is trying to protect his assets instead of his children. And, he can break up with that woman but can never unadopt her. But, I think the adoption is illegal. At any rate, he is trying to protect assets after the fact, always illegal.

  5. My parents started me cooking at age 7 (and yes, I messed stuff up-- that's part of the learning process). We can't wait for DS to get tall enough to be able to do things in the kitchen that require seeing over the counter.