Thursday, February 9, 2012

Before and After--remember this before you buy

This video has gone viral, and I think it's great.  Some programs out there work well, but they take a lot of time and you're not going to get the ripped abs that the models in their ads have. 

There's nothing wrong with buying a workout video or a product if you a) recognize that the ads are  trying to get you to buy the product, so at the very least exaggerating things and b) have a realistic goal in mind.  Oh, and c) you can afford it.

This is good to keep in mind even if you use a product and swear by it--the next time you want to beat yourself up for not having the results the ads show, there is probably a reason for it that has little to do with your commitment, skill level, or willpower.


  1. Wow, that's amazing! Very strange how much of a difference you can see in five hours though! That guy is pretty cool for showing himself in both a good and bad light!

  2. That was great. He has lots of nerve and confidence showing how this can be done. I always knew some of the guys let the gut hang out for the before and sucked it in and tightened muscles all over to look so different. However, his video shows how much these guys try to fool us.

  3. It's also striking how his position really enhances certain things--the profile view shows his gut (and you don't see the definition in his arms as much), where the after photo is head-on and so you're more focused on his pecs and shoulders.

    Honestly, I just feel better knowing that it's expected to not have washboard abs after following a workout regimen. A little bit of salt, starch, and liquid and you've got a belly.