Friday, January 13, 2012

Blogaround and Goat Head Curry

Yesterday's post inspired me to search on YouTube.  And yes, I do want to try to make this because it looks delicious. You're welcome.

Now this is what I call repurposing.

Bryallen shares her thoughts on eating locally.

Bravehearts look delicious. 

This looks delicious as well.

Linked for truth and humor.

Practical Parsimony talks about raising chickens.

What Easter Island can teach us about money.  Besides the fact that it would take a lot of it for me to get there.  It's also a cautionary tale about overconsumption and the ensuing environmental degradation. 

This is creepy, silly, dangerous and unnessessary all at the same time.  Congratulations, Mercedes-Benz, you win at fail.

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