Friday, December 2, 2011

Sweet potato and kale salad

I made this a couple of weeks ago.  I was going to take a picture, but I had friends over and I figured they'd be all, "Pamela, why are you taking a picture of dinner?" (In whispers to each other: See, I told you she's not quite right.)

I got a great recipe for this from  Unfortunately, I left the printed recipe at work, so I had to wing it.  What I ended up with was pretty tasty, though, and I definitely want to try the actual recipe I got from the site.

I took two yams, peeled them, cubed them, tossed them with a little olive oil in a small baking pan and sprinkled with salt and pepper.  I roasted them for about 25 minutes at 350 degrees.

While they were roasting, I sauteed in olive oil over medium heat chopped red onion and a bunch of kale that had been trimmed of its tough stems and cut into inch-long pieces.  I did this until the kale wilted.

I put the kale and onion in a bowl and the yams in a bowl and placed them both in the fridge to cool.  Before serving, I whisked together 1/4 cup balsamic vinagrette (you can use 1/4 cup olivie oil with a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar), 1/2 tsp of Dijion mustard, and a teaspoon of honey.  I combined the kale mixture and yams in one bowl and tossed with the dressing.

It was pretty good.  You could probably mix it up by using less olive oil and a little cider, or maple syrup instead of honey, or red wine vinegar instead of balsamic vinegar.  Just make sure the flavors complement the vegetables. 

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