Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Potatoes, potatoes everywhere I look

My CSA is still going strong; I will be picking up fresh produce until the end of the year.  I plan on renewing (and also renewing the winter share) as the food has been out of this world.  We're still getting lettuce and mesculun mixes, as well as beets, daikon, winter squashes, carrots, parsnips, potatoes, and yams.

Here's the thing: I am not much of a potato eater.  Maybe I'm rebelling against my heritage, but I'm more partial to rice and pasta (or a nice, crusty bread).  However, I can't bring myself to toss my produce, so I am making efforts to eat them. 

I had already made curried lentils and potatoes several times.  It was a big hit every time I made it, but the thing is, the recipe makes a lot of food and I have several containers in the freezer which I am slowly but surely munching my way through (it's great for lunch).  I had gone out to breakfast with a good friend and saw something that intrigued me--poached eggs with hollandaise sauce on potato pancakes.  The potato pancakes the eggs were on looked like the crispy potato pancakes in this recipe at AllRecipes.com.  So I figured I'd try that.  I was out of bread, I have plenty of eggs, and heck, why not?

So I stayed mainly close to the recipe, but I think I ended up using more onion than was called for (won't do that again), and I added herbs--some dried oregano and ground thyme, as well as some garlic.  This recipe made six pancakes.  Instead of poaching the eggs (I'm not good at poaching them and I'm not that jazzed about hollandaise sauce), I fried them in olive oil, so no, this wasn't the most healthy breakfast between the fried potato pancakes and the fried eggs.  But it was nice--the eggs were yolky, I had crispy potato pancakes to mop the yolk up with, and I was pleased overall.

Other ways I'll use the potatoes is to make potato breads and pastries and soups.


  1. It's latke making time, so I will be buying potatoes at the greenmarket this week . . . haven't decided on variety yet as I want to see what's on offer, but last year I did Yukon Golds.

  2. Latkes! I've never made a proper latke, though I've eaten my share. YUM.