Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year's Resolution

When I drive to my parent's house, I pass by an artificial waterfall.  It sounds beautiful; I love the sound so much that I will open my window in the dead of winter just to hear it.  And when spring begins and the birds start making noise, I keep my home's windows open (and my car windows down) so I can hear them.  When I worked in town, I used to sit on the side of the subway train a view of the skyline (espeically when I was commuting at night). 

And that's my resolution this year--to notice and savor every beautiful thing that I encounter.

Yeah, I know.  You all were probably expecting me to promise I'd save a truckload of money or I'd commit to a new diet and exersize regimen or I'd somehow do something constructive and responsible. 

Bah.  Not that these things aren't good and laudable, and I always give such things the old college try.  But I find that I'm much happier in general when I notice the good things around me.  The small things.  The smell of freshly cut grass or the sound of frogs in the pond in the park where I walk.  The quiet of the very early morning and the stars (when I can see them--even the burbs have enough light pollution to blot a lot of them out).   

So that's mine.  As well as "perfect the ma po tofu recipe I found because OH MY GOD MA PO TOFU IS DELICIOUS." 

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  1. Bravo. Wishing you a New Year of many, many savory moments!