Thursday, December 29, 2011

Heaven scent

Get it? Get it???

Okay, enough with the bad puns.  I wanted to make my place smell nice, and had the idea to use the mini-crock that came with my six quart slow cooker.  I put in a sliced lemon, whole cloves, and cinnamon (I should have used cinnamon sticks). 

Other combinations I've used are: orange peel, cloves, cinnamon, or orange or lemon peel and rosemary or dill or mint.  I'll also throw lavender into the mix, if I have any on hand (which I haven't had for the past couple of years--I used to grow it but haven't lately.  I probably should start again this spring with lavender).  Sometimes I'll use a cut up apple that was in danger of spoiling (or I'll save apple peels in the freezer and use them instead of citrus rinds).

I like candles but I don't light them very often.  Something about the scents or the chemicals make my nose run; the only candles I can tolerate for longer periods are soy candles.  So this is a good alternative.  It also releases a mild, not an overly strong scent into the air (as long as you don't use the commercial potpourri, which is frankly rank).  A lot of candles smell great, but they also smell strong.

Other things I do when I feel like my home is too stuffy: I crack open a window.  Even if it's just for a few minutes.  Revolutionary, I know.


  1. That sounds so good, Pam. I think I'll make something like that today. We have company coming over and I want to make the house smell good. :)

  2. :D I love puns!! :D Sounds like it smells delicious! Will have to try it soon!

  3. Candles, commercial scents, potpourri from the store, car air fresheners--all are toxic. They cause and exacerbate, asthma, COPD, lots of breathing problems, allergies, irritations to lungs, head, throat. Candles can ruin heating/ac units to the point that the unit must be replaced. Your idea is better.

  4. Ooops, should have said the chemicals in these are carcinogenic. Your liver has to filter all the chemicals from your body. Just as you don't keep your hands in toxic chemicals, you should not keep your body bathed in toxic chemicals as scents.

  5. Wow! PP, it never occurred to me that the liver would have to filter that stuff. Yikes.