Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy, sugar and fun filled day

My family celebrates Christmas.  We don't go crazy (except with food, there is always too much food, but I regard that as a good thing).  We get together, exchange gifts, eat, talk (sometimes bicker) and have fun with the kids.  This Christmas was no different.  My sister is an excellent cook and this year was no different.  She made truffles (OH GOD YOU TEMPT ME WITH CHOCOLATE) and brownies and cookies, and she made prime rib (awesome, by the way).  I invite her and her family to my place for Christmas Eve dinner with my folks but they usually go to mass at 4:00.  As usual, my family was very generous.  I hope they know I'm not BSing them when I say that they don't have to get me anything (though I will make very good use of the kitchen stuff and cookbooks and gift cards). 

My parents are able to come for Christmas Eve dinner.  Last night I made them the dishes they'd enjoy--haddock the way they like it (breaded and baked with butter), salad (with picked daikon, which they enjoyed), spinach, and carnival squash.  I made a sour cream cake as my mother loves that; she zoned on the fact that I was going to make a sour cream cake and came to my place with pie.  So I have an apple pie in the fridge and am looking forward to some very unhealthy but delcious breakfasts this week.

I even made it to my church's Christmas Eve service--a lot of carol singing in a candlelit church.  The final song, Silent Night, is always sung as we light individual candles.  It was beautiful, though I think my yelping from the dripping hot wax marred the end of the song (those cardboard protectors aren't worth, well, cardboard). 

All in all, a good Christmas.  Though I'm ready for a nap.

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