Thursday, November 3, 2011

What is success?

J.D. Roth over at Get Rich Slowly has a post up about the difference between the wealthy and the poor, where he mentions the a couple of books that list the supposed traits of each.  Like J.D., I thought the assumptions these authors trotted out were simplistic at best.  But. . .it got me thinking and then going off on a tangent.

Two of the most successful people I know are my parents.  They are not driven, Type A people.  My father has never vied for the corner office, and my mother was never one to want bigger or better things.  If you asked my father what he did, he'd tell you he was a father.  That was his job.  And if you asked my mother what she did, she'd tell you she was a mother.  Their family was their first priority, always. It wasn't the Cleavers or Ozzie and Harriet, but I wouldn't have been happy in that kind of home.  I know they love me, no matter how much I make them want to tear their hair out (oh, my teen years were epic).

They aren't perfect by any stretch, but then, neither am I.  But I'd consider them very successful.  They have children who love them, grandchildren who love them, and friends, family, and colleagues who respect them and like them.  They love each other, they genuinely like each other, they are content with what they have, and they have built a very happy life together.  I'd rather have a happy life, content with what I have, surrounded by friends and relatives who I care about and who care about me than billions of dollars. 

Who do you consider to be successful?  And why?

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  1. That is true happiness, which is the best way to measure success! :)