Monday, October 17, 2011

Small world and online personnas

I went to see my friend Steve yesterday.  Steve runs World of Okonomy's Blog, which I had added to the blogroll.  He's an excellent cook and a very talented photographer, so you'll see some fantastic recipies and beautiful pictures of the end result. 

I knew about his blog since he started it, and I check in regularly, though I lurk and I don't comment.  Just think, OOOHH PRETTY FOOD.  We hung out yesterday--I had a bunch of stuff from the CSA that I knew I wasn't going to have time to cook before my next pickup (long story; this will be more of a baking week than anything) and Steve, being a dedicated cook and a faithful vegetarian, would welcome the rainbow chard and kale and daikon and delicata squash.  Would my vegetables become famous?  We'll see. . .(no, Steve, I swear it's not a requirement).

So we were poking around in an old timey general store near his home (actually, we went to several places--they Wayside Inn Grist Mill, the Wayside Inn (that's Longfellow in the picture, I snapped that in the garden of the Inn), the old schoolhouse nearbyMartha-Mary Chapel (which has been in several films), and the very old-timey Wayside country store neaby, where I got a huge bottle of anise extract (which will be great since I will be baking biscotti).  If anyone who's reading this finds themselves west of Boston, in the Sudbury-Marlboro area, you should check these sites out.  The Grist Mill is still a working mill; they grind the wheat the Inn (a nonprofit) uses in its restaurant and sells in its gift shop.  It's a beautiful area, one of those hidden gems that first-time visitors don't often know about.  Well, readers, if you are a first time visitor to Massachusetts, make the trip out there and buck the trend.

Turns out, Stephen saw I linked to him, read the blog, liked it, but had no idea that the Pamela who wrote it was the same woman he knows in real life.  We had a good laugh about that--I figured he had known exactly who it was.  Then again, this joint is a very different thing for me, so . . . I guess I can see why he wouldn't make the connection.

Small, funny world we live in, eh?

Edited to add: I completely forgot to mention Steve's homemade apple crisp, which is what will happen when I write before the bleeding sun rises.  I forget things.  Anyway, it was divine.  He sent some home with me.  I would have taken a picture to show you the deliciousness, but alas, I have already eaten it.  For breakfast.  (WHAT. Is that bad??)


  1. Pam,

    Such a wonderful day! Thanks for visiting (and for all the veggies). I love that strip of Americana just a few miles from my house. Thanks for visiting it with me.

    So wild that I liked YOU before I knew it was YOU!

    I'm putting your preserved veggies in my pantry. They are just too delectable! I would wolf them all down if they are in sight. I've already gone through two jars!


  2. Steve, it was a lot of fun. Enjoy the vegetables. :)