Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pickled Daikon

I left my coat at my friend Steve's house on the day I went to bring him some of my CSA share.  I went to pick it up last week, and he cooked a delicious stir fry dinner with a side of curried spinach and lentils.  It was very good. 

Steve shredded and pickled the daikon I gave him and gave me some to take home.  It is fantastic, and apparently, quite easy to do.  I'm going to have to try this at some point. 

Daikon is one of my favorite radishes.  Well, next to the watermelon radish, which is just so pretty how can you not use it?  But daikon is wonderful.  It's not as spicy as most radishes, but it still has a bit of a bite.  When I lived in Japan, it was a staple.  I would eat pickled daikon all the time.  You'd eat it grated or finely sliced to balance some oily dishes like tempura, or diced and placed in nabe (hot-pot) dishes, or sliced and included in salads (very refreshing).  It is also a staple in oden.


  1. Had some today and tofu with Yoshio's hot sauce, plus green tea. A perfect lunch! With tempura...mmmmm...Good idea! Thanks again!

  2. I've had daikon radish cakes at a dim sum place; they were like potato pancakes, except made with daikon. Quite tasty with a side of broccoli in oyster sauce.