Sunday, October 30, 2011


This is not the flower box the squirrels tore up.

This is not a picture I should have been able to take on October 30.  I had to skip out on a Jack-and-Jill wedding shower last night because of the weather--it was sleeting and snowing and pretty windy, and traffic was crawling at 40 miles per hour.  Which was just fine with me--I'm not a fan of getting killed because other people shrug off hydroplaning--but still, I was never going to make it to the place, which was an hour away from on a clear day with little traffic. 

Now, I am sure this will melt off later as they (and by "they" I mean meterologists) are talking about temperatures getting up into the 50's later this week, but. . .wow.  Actually, it will go away today because it will be in the high forties but still.  Wow. 

I shudder to think what other people in the state are going through--some parts were supposed to get something like 6-12 inches.  In October.  And thanks to a lot of downed trees (the leaves haven't yet fallen, so there was a lot of heavy, wet snow not just on the branches, but on the leaves), there are a lot of people without power.

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