Monday, October 24, 2011

Debauched squirrels and a happy brunch

Look at that table!
This weekend I had a lovely brunch at my friend's house.  She made a frittata (I've got to try to make one of those), a beautiful salad with dried cranberries, pumpkin spice bread and apple and cranberry compote.  Our other friend brought apple cake so I was pretty much on a sugar high.  We meet for brunch every three to four months or so, and alternate homes.  It's nice because we can relax and let our hair down.  This past weekend, they showed remarkable stoicism in the face of my venting about a petty but frustrating situation I've been having to deal with for several months now, and that came to a head last week. But what really set me off that day were the filty rodents in my neighborhood.  It's always something small that sets people off, I suppose.  (Look, I'm going to blame them for my stress level.  Because squirrels are probably the most annoying animals on the planet on a good day.)

Be glad this isn't a pic of the squirrels.
I have three window boxes on my balcony.  I planted some inpatiens in them and they were looking beautiful all summer.  It really was a nice little place to sit and relax.  Problem is, I would come home every so often and find clumps of dirt on the balcony floor from the squirrels digging through the boxes.  Then, about a week and a half ago, I found one of the flowers torn out of the middle box and on the floor.  Flipping squirrels, I thought.  They are just awful digging around for acorns and bulbs.

So there I was, on Saturday morning, on the phone with a friend of mine, confirming what time I'd be at her place (we were going to another friend's home for brunch).  I looked out of my slider towards the balcony and saw two squirrels in the middle window box, digging up dirt, then tearing out another plant.  And then. . .and then. . .

Well, when a boy squirrel loves a girl squirrel very, very much . . .

"Hey," I said to my friend.  "I have to get off the phone.  There are two squirrels fornicating on my balcony."

Yes, it was a very interesting morning.  Though a fantastic brunch.  Be very grateful that I posted pictures of the delcious meal instead of the squirrels.  (I didn't take pictures of the squirrels, no worries.  I did chase them off my balcony, though.)


  1. After trading squirrel stories with you the other day, I'm very glad I haven't experienced this particular activity! Nasty critters. Nope, not a fan. I much prefer the cute little chippie that hangs out by my front door. In fact, I'm going to set out some sunflower seeds for him, right now!

  2. On the one hand: ew. On the other: it's a good story!

    Also, frittatas are full of win.

  3. I'm just glad there weren't a lot of people over for that event. I already had a bunch of guests (Steven included, actually) watch the neighbor's kid relieve himself in his backyard, which faces my balcony. Good times, good times.